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Dr. Hedley is an amazing charismatic doctor with a great wealthy of experience and knowledge. My first Total Hip Replacement (THR) was about 7 years ago and the 2nd THR was about 4 years ago. I had let the first one go a little too far.

~ Mike Garcia

I had a total hip replacement a week and a day ago. I was walking (with a walker) the day of my surgery and walking un-assisted the day after my surgery. At this point, I am walking without assistance. Dr. Hedley was my surgeon - I believe Dr. Hedley is the greatest orthopedic surgeon ever! I was a little anxious going into the surgery - completely unnecessary! I am still having some pain - from the muscles only. There is no pain from the joint at all. The pain from the muscles will go away soon. As far as I'm concerned - there is no greater orthopedic surgeon on this planet!

~ Sincerely, Stephen G.